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Promocion 17/18 Black 191 en Argentina

Descripción: 17/18 Black 191

Producto: 17/18 Black 191

Precio: $20.000

Manipulación y Envío: 10 a 14 días hábiles.

Marca: Amplid

Género: Hombre

The dark force of skiing has been unleashed. Stiff and powerful, this angry, mountain-munching ski means business. Designed to slay the gnarliest lines in the world’s biggest mountains, the Infrablack holds an edge like it’s on rails, bullies its way through choppy snow and sticks big landings for breakfast.

Amplid’s Full Carbon Jacket offers a stiffness-to-weight ratio that skis with fiberglass and even titanal construction cannot match. Sandwiched between its raw carbon exterior is a premium Lite Core with additional HEXO2 windows. Never before has a ski of such enormous proportions weighed so little!

Despite its speed-oriented 30m sidecut and 126m waist, the Infrablack’s generously rockered nose and micro-rise tail keep it manageable in tighter terrain. The sheer girth of the Infrablack and its king-size nose make it a delight to ski in deep snow.
Amplid’s Camrock profile blends underfoot camber with rocker tips. A length of camber under the boot provides grip and reverse camber in the tips increases playfulness and deep snow performance. This ski-specific camber manifests itself in various forms in Amplid’s skis; skis intended for deep snow have a smaller camber area and increased rocker to improve floatation and fluidity.
overall length (mm) 1910
tip length (mm) 250
running length (mm) 1540
tail length (mm) 120
tip width (mm) 142
waist width (mm) 126
tail width (mm) 130
sidecut depth (mm) 5
sidecut radius (m) 29
tip height (mm) 58
tail height (mm) 20
recommended set-back (mm) 60 to 100
tip radius (mm) 550
tail radius (mm) 350
camber Camrock
approx weight (kg) 4.6
active surface area (cm2) 4940

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