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Promocion 18/19 Mega 181 en Argentina

Descripción: 18/19 Mega 181

Producto: 18/19 Mega 181

Precio: $22.000

Manipulación y Envío: 10 a 14 días hábiles.

Marca: Amplid

Género: Hombre

A team favorite for Earth’s snow-blessed meccas, the 119mm wide Megaplayer is flowing and floaty beyond comprehension, and glides like a hovercraft across the deepest snowpack.

From Utah’s weightless moon dust to British Columbia coastal cement, where there’s pow the Megaplayer is home. Its perfected outline shape and smooth, kink-less blend of tip rocker and underfoot camber create graceful lift and add easy handling. In fact, the Megaplayer is so agile and playful that spreading butters and catching air from snow-blanketed features becomes second-nature.
Carbon Pop Bands beneath each ski add stability and extra pop, vibration-damping Basalt Suspension Strips round off an uncomplicated but proven construction that keeps the Megaplayer civilised in variable conditions and demanding terrain.
Amplid’s Camrock profile blends underfoot camber with rocker tips. A length of camber under the boot provides grip and reverse camber in the tips increases playfulness and deep snow performance. This ski-specific camber manifests itself in various forms in Amplid’s skis; skis intended for deep snow have a smaller camber area and increased rocker to improve floatation and fluidity.
overall length (mm) 1810
tip length (mm) 255
running length (mm) 1340
tail length (mm) 215
Tip width (mm) 139
waist width (mm) 119
tail width (mm) 129
sidecut depth (mm) 7.5
sidecut radius (m) 21
tip height (mm) 44
tail height (mm) 34
recommended set-back (mm) 10 to 40
tip radius (mm) 900
tail radius (mm) 800
camber Camrock
approx. weight (kg) 4.4

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18/19 Time 176 $24.000
18/19 Mega 181 $22.000
Total: $46.000